Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surfing has gone to the dogs

Watch out, Moondoggie! You've got some real four-legged competition! Who knew Jack Russell Terriers (two of whom won their respective categories) could hang twenty? And just looking at the basset hound and the bulldog (see the video) make me smile.

Btw, all proceeds from the 4th Annual Loews Surf Dog Competition went to its Good Neighbor Partner, Modest Needs Foundation, an organization that aims to prevent poverty before it begins.

Hmm... Wonder what the chances are of getting Felix and Flora to surf...

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Dave S. said...

Not surprised about the Jack Russells doing well. They probably insisted on practicing 36 hours straight.

I felt kind of bad for the basset hounds, whose keen noses were probably working overtime on the beach. "I... SMELL... FISH !!!!!"

Good luck with the cat surfing. On the other hand, any of several possible outcomes could get you a meeting with Tom Bergeron.