Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Madness of King Donald the Trump

Many (most?) of us who have observed Trump over the last year have questioned whether he is mentally fit to be president. However, after watching Trump's recent interview with ABC's David Muir, where he (Trump) told one whopper after another, there can be no doubt that Trump is unhinged. Deranged. Nuts. Psycho. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

I could go on, but you get my drift. 

As a student of history, Trump's performance brought to mind another deranged ruler of this country, one who likewise lost the goodwill of most of his subjects here -- and caused a political crisis.

Who was this mad man? For those of you who have forgotten your U.S. History, or haven't seen Hamilton, I am, of course, referring to King George III, whose madness was captured in a brilliant 1994 film titled, appropriately, The Madness of King George.*

The similarities between Donald the First (and hopefully the last) and George the Third are striking, from the eccentric, disturbing behavior, to the grabbing of women, to the political tensions caused by his erratic behavior.

The only question is, will Americans rise up against Donald the Trump and kick him out as they did George the Third some two-hundred forty years ago?

*And yes, all you Hamilton lovers, in Hamilton, too. Though I'm pretty sure we won't be back, re-electing Trump... if we survive that long. 


Anna said...

At least the Donald will have the excuse of being mad. The rest of the amoral wimps in the GOP don't have a similar excuse and neither do the Trump supporters!

James Delaney, London said...

In view of the forthcoming State Visit to the U.K. by President Trump, commonly known as The Mad King Donald, in June next, Her Majesty has announced that she will not be well at that time. She can feel a slight head cold coming on. She will therefore field a substitute to host the transatlantic visitors, in the form of HRH the Princess Anne. This will give Mr Trump the opportunity of hearing her many stories about horses, fly fishing, Scottish poetry, endless walks in the Scottish Highlands, and........horses.
Meanwhile Her Majesty has called in a famous German vetinary dentist, Dr Heinrich von Oberzehnen, to sharpen the teeth of the Royal Corgis. They will be given no form of feeding for 48 hours before the Royal Banquet, and ordered to attack the President's ankles at the first opportunity.
With regard to the proposed round of golf, this will not be at Sandringham nor Balmoral but at Pratt's Bottom near London. The President will be accompanied by HRH Prince Charles which will give plenty of opportunity for discussion of matters close to their hearts such as global warming and immigration by our Muslim friends.