Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Trump inauguration playlist

If I was the music director at one of Trump's inaugural balls, here are the songs I would choose. Feel free to suggest your own via the Comments section.

Meghan Trainor, "Lips are movin":

"If your lips are moving, then you're lyin', lyin', lyin', baby."

Shaggy, "It wasn't me":

But she caught me on the counter (It wasn't me)
Saw me bangin' on the sofa (It wasn't me)
I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me)
She even caught me on camera (It wasn't me)
Thompson Twins, "Lies":

"Lies, lies, lies, yeah..."

Eurythmics, "Would I lie to you?":

"Would I lie to you, baby, would I lie to you? (Oh, yeah)"

Fleetwood Mac, "Little lies":

"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies..."

And I've always loved this clip from the movie Pillow Talk....

"You lied, you dog. And you'll be sorry. Uh-huh."

Though if someone actually offered me a ticket to attend Trump's inauguration, this would be my reaction:

And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran all night and day
I couldn't get away
BONUS CLIP for everyone attending a Women's March:

Nancy Sinatra, "These boots are made for walkin'"

You keep lyin' when you oughta be truthin'
You keep losing when you oughta not bet
You keep samin' when you oughta be a'changin'
Now what's right is right but you ain't been right yet

These boots are made for walking,
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

UPDATED: I really hope they show this clip from From Russia with Love on the Jumbotron at Trump's inauguration...

but I'm guessing they won't. Sad.


Sugar Daze said...

Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more no more no more no more
Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more!

J. said...

@Sugar Daze, PERFECT! Thank you!

VB said...

This isn't really happening....this is real life??? (pours cocktail, bottle nearby)

J. said...

Or to quote Queen, @VB:

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality.