Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kinkier than the average (Valentine's Day) bear

Want to whip that special someone into a frenzy this Valentine's Day, guys?

Well now you can with the Fifty Shades of Grey Bear from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

Inspired by the best-selling book, Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James, the limited edition Christian Grey Bear, from the Vermont Teddy Company, is guaranteed to help you dominate this Valentine's Day. 

Seriously, what woman could possibly resist 15 inches of silky smoothness -- wrapped up in a suit? And are those mini handcuffs* I see in Christian Grey Bear's paw? Why yes, yes I do.

Act now, and for only $89.99 the Vermont BDSM Teddy Bear Company will not only send you (or your personal Anastasia) this adorably inappropriate bear but will also throw in some gourmet chocolates (no doubt so that you can lick them off her stomach... or other parts).

Btw, lest you missed the fine print, the Christian Grey Bear is not suitable for children.

*What, no whip? You should get your money back!


Fact Lovin' Liberal said...

Plushies like bondage too? Who knew!

larissa said...

oh no they did not
why yes, they really did it
recycled stuffing