Saturday, September 13, 2014

Apparently "penis" is Chinese for "Swedish fish"

Did you hear about the cock up at the New Zealand candy company?

So Dutch Rusk, a New Zealand company known for its tasty variety of gummy confections, sold under the Dragon Sweets brand, gets five pallets of gummy candies from a supplier in China.

No big deal. Many companies outsource their manufacturing, even candy companies.

But in this case the Chinese manufacturer added a little something extra to each mixed bag of Dragon Sweets -- several gummy penises, which are considered good luck in China (as a sign of fertility and health).

However, many of Dutch Rusk's Dragon Sweets New Zealand customers, or rather their parents, were appalled at the thought of sucking down a phallic gummy.  (Or should that be a gummy phallus?)

And as soon as the complaints started to come, Dutch Rusk sprang into action, recalling the offending candies, apologizing to its customers, and offering them complimentary Dog Bones, Killer Pythons, Gummy Carrots, and Assorted Creams instead.

[Nothing phallic here! Move along, people.]

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