Monday, August 11, 2014

Are you an askhole?

Know someone who always asks you for advice -- and either ignores it or does the opposite, like, all the time? Well, apparently there is a name for that type of person. It's askhole.

[H/T to Larissa]

Everyone knows one (or two). And, okay, we all have probably been guilty of being an askhole at one time or another, about something. (Guilty.)

However, I would argue there is a difference between asking someone to be a sounding board, or occasionally asking someone for her opinion or advice and not necessarily following it and constantly asking someone for advice only to constantly ignore it and do whatever it was you were planning on doing or buying anyway.

That effing drives me crazy.

This card is for those people. (And I am very tempted to print it and hand it to people when they ask for my advice.)

[For those who can't see the image, it says "Please don't ask for my advice if you're just going to go fuck up your life anyway." To which I say, amen.]

Moral of this blog post: Don't ask for advice unless you really want it.

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