Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do you know Prepster Pineapple?

Welcome to another Shameless Plug edition of J-TWO-O!

Today's shameless plug: my new online retail business, Prepster Pineapple.

So what is Prepster Pineapple? Prepster Pineapple is that cool, preppy-looking pineapple guy over there on the left, the product of my teenage daughter's imagination. Pretty sweet.

And Prepster Pineapple Clothing is our (as in the teenager and my) line of preppy, hip clothing. Think Tommy Bahama with a more Hawaiian, preppy bent, designed for teens, tweens, and prepsters of all ages.

Right now, we are just selling Prepster Pineapple t-shirts (pictured below, which are made from super soft 100% combed cotton) for men and women, boys and girls...

and Prepster Pineapple polo shirts (made out of 100% pique knit cotton and way cooler than those overpriced preppy alligator, polo player, and palm-tree shirts), which are available in Men's, Women's, and Youth sizes (sample shown in white, below) — and are perfect for all you golfers, boaters, and weekend athletes.

And if you use the code PP-FS-SOCIAL-0812 at checkout between now and August 31, you'll receive free shipping* on your order! (That's a $6 savings!)

Not interested in buying a shirt right now? No problem. But if you could take a few seconds to "Like" the Prepster Pineapple Facebook page, or get your kid, too — and spread the word — I'd appreciate it.

Also we want your feedback! We are currently working on new items for the spring. So if there's a color t-shirt or polo shirt you'd like to see (we're going to be adding pink), or you have a suggestion for a clothing item (keep it clean people), let me know via email or a blog comment.


*Right now we are only shipping to addresses in the United States.

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