Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What President Obama needs is an Easy button; Plus my picks for Car Czar

As President Barack Obama is fond of saying, he only gets the messy problems. "If it was easy, someone else would have solved it."

But I say, just give the man a Staples easy button.

Seriously, have you seen what those things can do?

So just imagine what an easy button could do for President Obama!

Need to organize the budget?

[Presses easy button.]

That was easy!

Need to solve the health care problem?

[Presses the button.]

That was easy!

Need to clean up that financial mess?

[Presses the button.]

That was easy!

Need to help the Detroit automakers come up with a bailout plan?

[You get the picture.]

And speaking of Detroit, I have the PERFECT candidates for Car Czar: Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers (aka Tom and Ray Magliozzi) of Car Talk fame.

Seriously, think about it. NO ONE knows as much about fixing automotive messes like these guys. And think of the press conferences and radio addresses! It would give Car Talk whole new meaning!

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Dave S. said...

Five minutes into their first press conference or Congressional testimony the assembled media or Congresspersons would beg them to just go and do their jobs and enough with the shtick.

Having said that I find them hilarious and you know they'd want a peek under the hood of Obama's ride.

Verification word is "immin" which is the sound made by a '74 Volvo's altahnatah when the belt's just a little bit skitchy, ya know? (Raucous cackling)