Monday, August 11, 2008

That Bob Costas interview with George W. Bush and, Is that a Burmese python in your pocket or... ?

So yesterday while the just-returned-from-sleepaway-camp child caught up on all of the shows she had TiVo'd in her absence downstairs, I was upstairs, glued to the Olympics coverage on NBC.

While I greatly enjoyed the synchronized diving (who thinks up these sports? 10-meter air rifle? come on!) and the swimming heats (Go Team USA!), I was particularly amused by the repeatedly broadcast images of our President, George W. Bush, embracing -- and nearly spanking the derrieres of -- the women's beach volleyball team, Misty May Treanor (at left) and Kerry Walsh. Equally fascinating, though not quite as amusing, was W.'s decision to be interviewed by sportscaster, former talk show host, and Olympics emcee Bob Costas (who the spouse and I quite like -- and is a darn good interviewer).

Maybe W. thought Costas would just lob him a few easy ones. But I was pleasantly surprised to see (and hear) Costas repeatedly throwing fast balls, changeups, and even a knuckleball or two at the Pres -- and to see W. responding almost coherently and intelligently. Heck, the Pres almost seemed to be enjoying himself (even when asked about how the U.S. can reconcile its differences with China and its "abysmal human rights record" and the Russia - Georgia conflict, though that may have been because he pronounced "Putin" and "Medvedev" correctly and Costas did not force him to say "Saakashvili" three times fast). His junior year abroad/presidential teen tour is definitely agreeing with him.

I was hoping to find a video of the interview, but apparently some "third party" (hey, Cheney, your boy did okay, let NBC release the video) made YouTube remove it. Instead, I offer up this White House transcript of the Costas - Bush interview, which upon very quick read appears to be accurate.

In other news... I nearly fell off my stationary bicycle this morning at the gym when I saw this clip of KCCI-TV Meteorologist Kurtis Gertz broadcasting live from the Iowa State Fair (last Thursday) where a Burmese python slithered up his pants.

Apparently the snake was/is a she and tried to give Gertz a kiss before getting in his pants.

I will leave it to you, loyal readers, to post your own snarky (or snaky) comment. ; )

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