Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Feeling Bearish?

You're not alone.

Bears have been making a lot of news of late -- from Bear Stearns to the current bear market to stories and a live video of a bear running around Totowa, New Jersey, on Monday (apparently just one of many recent bear sightings in New Jersey).

But my current favorite bear story may be this one, featured on Monday's "Today Show" and on the front page of MSNBC:

Maybe Stephen Colbert was right to be afraid...


Dave S. said...

When we went camping at Shenandoah National Park a couple of weekends ago, Fiona asked whether there were any bears around. We lied and said oh, no, of course not, etc. Fortunately Fiona was off playing with her friend when the park ranger came by our site after we arrived to let us know that a mother bear and her two cubs had been spotted in the area, and to remind us to keep our pic-a-nic baskets secure.

J. said...

Guess you barely escaped.

Lietzy said...

Don't you mean "bearly escaped," J?

(of course, that might be un-bear-able punning).

J. said...

Beary funny, Lietzy. Actually, I originally did type "bear-ly escaped," but could hear the groans coming from cyberspace (you commenters can get quite grizzly) so changed it.

Maybe I should have also included a Yogi Berra (or Bear-a) quote?