Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Westward Ho

Am heading to sunny SoCal for a few days, hoping to put a little bounce back in my step -- and see what may be worth bidding for on eBay*.

*Considering California is facing a $41 billion budget gap, I'm guessing pretty much everything is up for grabs -- or soon will be.


Dave S. said...

Are you worried that someone might read the title as an adjective and noun rather than a direction and exhortation? Neither am I.

EMM said...

Aaaarrrrgggghhh! I need to get that song out of my head!!!

Have a great time J - travel safely!

J. said...

Who you calling a "ho," you rake? ; )

And I totally know how you feel, EMM. I should have put up a "Caution: Ear Worm Alert" sign.