Sunday, February 15, 2009

Despair is the new happiness

Finally, a cure for the annoyingly cheerful:

About effing time.

(H/T to friend of the blog Larissa for sending me a link to that video.)

And how about some DespairWear to go with your new attitude?

Have a mediocre day.


Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Re. over there immediately. So many posters, so few BJ blog posts to pimp them on!
Some of them were just perfect for all kinds of threads and topics.
Totally: "Wish I'd thought of that and said it first" material.
Love the site too, esp "Disservice". Ha.

Dave S. said...

I first saw the Stupidity poster after completing the first half of a fencing competition in which I performed much worse than usual (and that is saying something). At the time I did not laugh. The Star Trek series of posters is priceless.

EMM said...

I won't give up the cheerfullness fight! If I did who would make festive rice krispie treats for my friends? Just finished a red/heart shaped batch drizzled in white chocolate for festivus.

Loved the site...cluelessness and government were two of my favorites.


larissa said...

So much cheerfulness
So few good ways to stop it
Gotta start somewhere

Dave S. said...

To clarify my earlier comment, there is a separate site for Star Trek inspirational posters, which I referenced in this post.