Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, the things you can see at the zoo

Can you scratch a little bit to the left?

That's some toothpick.

Here kitty, kitty...

Guess he was happy to see me.

Up next: SeaWorld (though am a little nervous about my affect on Shamu).


@ScottBradley said...

LOL Love your content. Keep it coming.

147 Kelton St. #612 said...
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larissa AKA 147 Kelton St.#612! said...

Lions and tigers
And the Pacific Ocean

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Gorgeous shots! Animals are so incredibly beautiful.
I went to Sea World almost every summer in my youth. Love it.

Lizzy said...

That zebra was extremely happy to see you!!! Did your daughter notice his "happiness?" Wow!

Wonder if the same thing will happen to Shamu - poor whale is getting up there in years....! You'll have to tone down your animal magnetism, J.!

J. said...

I do not believe the daughter noticed or if she did she didn't say anything, Lizzy. As for Shamu, there isn't an actual Shamu anymore. And the one male of the three killer whales we saw seemed very, um, relaxed. (Maybe he couldn't see me.)

And yes, AMC, SeaWorld is still a magical place, especially when, like today, the weather is beautiful and there are no crowds or lines. We all had a great time. And I think I got some great pix.

Dave S. said...

Went to SD Zoo
Koalas, pandas, also
A zebra penis

Powaqqatsi said...


did you free associate Catherine the Great or Unbridled Lust when you saw that zebra?

If only it weren't myth..

Dave S. said...

Kudos to Powa for the Catherine the Great reference.

I will do my part to get "hung like a zebra" into the lexicon.