Thursday, February 5, 2009

Does your pet have a drinking problem?

Michael Phelps is not the only party animal out there.

What a pig*!

And speaking of pigs, Felix is such a water hog that he can't wait for me to fill (or refill) his water bowl.

He takes a licking and keeps on... licking.

Yeah, yeah, I know: I'm enabling him. But if I didn't run the water, he would lick directly from the faucet.

Btw, before you start making comments about the quality of the video, it was taken by my daughter, J-THREE-O, who was trying very hard not to laugh too much.

*Yes, that is a real pig, chugging an O'Doul's as some do-gooder animal rights people got all freaked out about the pig swilling real beer. And I took the picture. If you want to see one of the pigs in action (yes, there is more than one), go to And no, no member of the J-TWO-O family is responsible for that footage.


Little Miss Cupcake said...

OMG, Felix totally cracks me up -- what happens when you turn the water on stronger? Does he like baths?

larissa said...

Trinity is one
Another faucet drinker
They should meet one day

Edward P. Schwartz said...

Sebastian and Felix really are cut from the same cloth... er, fur. Not only does Sevy do the same thing, but we own the same kitchen faucet!

Dave S. said...

Frankly I like the cinema verite style (un film d' J-Trois-O. Eventually she may move on to a Hitchcock-style single take that begins on the front lawn and tracks down the hall all the way to the bathroom (cue backwards violins).


Where was I? Oh yes. I think I mentioned before that I suspect it is animals' natural instinct to drink from running (probably fresh) rather than still (probably not so fresh) water. And frankly I think it's more cruel to serve a pig an O'Douls as opposed to a nice pale ale. I'll bet the pig stiffed you on the tip.

Elsewhere in the animal world, often birds will eat old berries that have fermented somewhat and fly erratically thereafter.

J. said...

No, Felix is not into sink baths or showers, LMC. He just likes a sip from the tap every now and then.

Wow, who knew there were so many faucet drinking cats out there? I certainly didn't. (None of our or my other cats ever drank from a tap.) Someone should even a water bowl that drips water on demand, though there is probably such a thing (as I recall from reading a SkyMall catalog on some flight).

Thanks for the praise and theory, Dave. I have heard there are many (or at least several) non-human animals which like to get a buzz on.

Dave S. said...

I forgot to mention that I lived with a (roommate's) faucet-drinking cat in Boston, way back when.

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

I could watch Felix do that all day!
Annie LOVES water...rain, showers especially. But she drinks her water from a bowl.
My darling Walter, RIP, lived to lick the faucet when it was off, esp. in the bathtub. I'd hear the "click click click" of his tongue against the metal all the time.
Sweet babies, those kitties.
(A cat blogger friend, Zoolatry, does all the photoshop art for my blog. It's a hobby and passion for her. Sometimes I feed her requests and images, and other times, as in this case, she just whips them up and sends them off. I have hoards from the last year!)

J. said...

How very dignified of Annie, Laura (aka AMC). Though I would expect nothing less from such an elegant, sophisticated cat. (Btw, Zoolatry does an amazing job. WoW!)

Attention all cat fanciers: do check out the Annie Mosaic Cat blog, It's great, as is Laura's professional site (which is linked).

Comrade J. Michael Neal said...

Dirk prefers to lick the condensation off of my iced tea glass.