Saturday, February 7, 2009

Something stinks about AT&T's new Valentine's Day ad

Pepe Le Pew has sold out, to AT&T. Et tu, Pepe? I know times are tough for everyone, but this stinks.

I loved Pepe Le Pew growing up. He was one of my favorite cartoon characters (along with Marvin the Martian) on TV. So I was very upset to see the little skunk hawking the new Samsung Propel for AT&T. P U.

Even more disturbing is how AT&T has turned Penelope Pussycat into a brazen hussy, when everyone knows she typically tried to avoid Pepe like the plague.

What's up with that? What's next, Sherman and Mr. Peabody hawking IBM supercomputers?

And speaking of things that stink: I deleted my blog post on the new tell-all book by the Manhattan Madam, the woman who ran the "escort service" Eliot Spitzer used. (Though do check out her site to find out how much you are worth per hour!) A key piece of information was incorrect (I thought the book was written by Ashlee Dupre, the woman who brought Eliot Spitzer down, literally), and the real story wasn't nearly as exciting or titillating.


EMM said...

This morning I'm enjoying "The Soup" and will follow up with "Best Week Ever". Celebrities and reality show contestants are like cartoons, so I guess it is a replacement for the old school Warner Bros. shows.

I loved Marvin the Martian too! This commercial has probably made him very angry.

Lizzy said...

Why did you delete the blogpost on Eliot's lady friend? Sounds good!

As far as what we are worth - I'm in the wrong business! And that business is recession-proof!

J. said...

I deleted the post because the book turned out NOT to be by Eliot's lady friend, Lizzy, but by her "employer," which kind of screwed the purpose of the post (as well as Spitzer).

And I am with you, EMM, re Marvin the Martian. I bet he is getting ready to destroy the Earth as I type this!

larissa said...

Earth obstructs my view
I'm getting very angry

Dave S. said...

Larissa's haiku is so good that I cannot come up with a haiku in response. (removes haiku-writing hat)

I too was surprised to see the cat out of character, although I think there was one cartoon where she fell into a vat of love potion and turned the tables on M. Le Pew.

PS - You said "titillating."

J. said...

OMG, loved the Marvin the Martian haiku, Larissa. Thank you.

And Dave, if "titillating" got you excited, just wait until my next post, brought to you courtesy of JJV, clearly on one of his fact-finding missions.

Btw, comedian Mike Birgiglia, whom I recently wrote about put a link to J-TWO-O on his blog! How cool is that?!