Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poll: Which is the greater (or greatest) sin, politically?

So what exactly does it take these days to disqualify someone from attaining political or elected office or getting thrown out of one?

Click on an answer -- or supply one of your own via a Comment -- and check back later to see how others voted. FYI: You are only allowed to cast one vote per day.

Which is the greater (or greatest) sin, politically?
Cheating on or not paying your taxes
Cheating on your wife
Asking for or taking political bribes
Doing a bong with a bunch of frat boys -- and getting caught
Saying something really stupid -- and having it caught on tape and posted on YouTube
Pissing off Rush Limbaugh
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UPDATED 11:04 A.M.: A failure to pay taxes has officially claimed its first victim, Nancy Killefer, who President Barack Obama had nominated to be Chief Performance Officer.

UPDATED 1:00 P.M.: They are dropping like flies! Per MSNBC, Tom Daschle has now officially withdrawn his nomination (in part because of the unpaid taxes issue and in part because of past lobbying efforts).

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GSA said...

What a choice! I see that I voted with the majority, but that’s only because of recent events – and shouldn’t it have read “Getting caught offering or taking political bribes,” since untold numbers of politicians have gotten away with doing just that? Anyway, good poll!

J. said...

Point taken, GSA, though really I shouldn't have written "getting caught" in the other two. Getting caught isn't the "sin," so to speak, it's the questionable (immoral? illegal? stupid?) action that led to getting caught. I would change the wording, but I'm worried about screwing up the poll after people have already voted.

Anonymous said...

You should have included the one that should really sink Daschle's nom. Lobbying in the industry you'll be overseeing. That's a Bush thing, and I find it unforgivable. I love what Matt Taibbi said about Daschle: "In Washington there are whores and there are whores, and then there is Tom Daschle." Screw him

J. said...

I thought about including something along the lines of "Lobbying in the industry you'll be overseeing," Anonymous, but it only seemed to become a problem/sin recently (i.e., with this administration). I am not excusing it, and agree with you re Daschle. Even the NYT said Daschle should withdraw his nomination, which is saying something. Thanks for the comment!

EMM said...

J - do I get a sticker for voting?

Bribery #1 with tax evasion #2 (there MIGHT be some honest mistakes out there).

Our former "Mayor for Life", Marion Barry is in the news again for not paying his taxes, again...and he was caught on camera in a hotel with a woman who was not his wife while smoking crack. The "bitch" set him up, remember? A political trifecta - congrats!

EMM said...

We have politicians, athletes and celebrities who would look at your poll and say "those are not sins for me". It would be interesting to see at what point a person begins to think they're infallable.

Phelps is an idiot. He learned nothing after the 2004 Olympics when he was arrested for a DUI and underage drinking.

There has to be a healthy balance between celebrity worship (pols and atlhetes included) and holding people accountable. Until then, behavior will only get worse.


J. said...

If I had a sticker, I'd sent it to you, EMM! But unfortunately the app didn't come with one. : (

Great comments. Thanks for sharing!