Friday, June 9, 2017

Forget Comey. Trump isn't going anywhere.

To those who think James Comey's testimony before Congress yesterday is going to make any difference -- as in move Congress a step closer to removing Donald Trump from office -- think again.

We are at the point where, as Trump claimed back in January 2016, he (Trump) could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and... wouldn't lose voters."

Indeed, Republicans (assuming they still controlled Congress at the time of the shooting) would no doubt come up with a justification for the shooting and Trump would be made to look the victim.

"He's just new to this," House Speaker Paul Ryan would say. "He probably wasn’t steeped in the long-running protocols that establish how to use a gun."

Yes, this is where we are at in this country. As long as the man sitting in the Oval Office has an "R" (as in Republican -- or Russian agent) after his name -- and his party enjoys a majority in the House and Senate -- he can be a liar, an abuser of women and power, flout the constitution and ethics rules, allow a foreign power to influence foreign policy, and put his own special interests before the interests of the country he was elected to serve, because "when you're a [Republican], they let you do it." As long as you're for reducing taxes on the wealthy and allow Congress to pass laws favorable to wealthy special interests -- or undo regulations that those filling your campaign war chest or holding your debt want you to roll back.

And while no one enjoys paying taxes (except maybe my father, a registered Republican who always used to say to me that if everyone paid their fair share of taxes, we'd all pay a lot less in taxes), cutting taxes -- so-called trickle-down economics -- doesn't create more jobs or make the economy healthier. In fact, it does more harm than good. Just take a look at Kansas.

But that's where we are at here in the land of ME, ME, ME, WHAT ABOUT ME? Screw the sick (until you are sick). Forget about education. Fuck women (literally and figuratively). And to hell with the environment (which will soon resemble Hell if temperatures keep rising.) If you can save me a few thousand, even a few hundred, dollars a year in taxes, you have my blessing to do whatever you like, Donald and Republicans.

Sadly, it will be up to some future president to make America great again.


Anna said...

Mark my words, Comey is playing the long game. He knew exactly what he was doing saying that he leaked those memos. He knew that would fire Trump right up. Do you think it will look good for Trump to be going after Comey? (well, maybe to his base). Also, Comey is no pushover. I don't believe for a minute that business about being too "stunned" to tell Trump what he was doing was inappropriate. He just sat back and let Trump do what he does best... implode. I think we'll see more chess moves on the part of Comey. Should be interesting.

VB said...

What a d*^%$ch bag.

sorry..can't....just can't...

He broke CNN, the republic, and me.

Steven Friedlander said...

I agree with Anna. Comey is no fool -- and he is playing chess -- and is thinking many moves ahead -- whilst the Cheeto in Chief is playing marbles -- with whatever marbles he has left. Comey has an end game in sight -- and there are many moves still to be made. By the way, J: This is a well-written and compelling and important post!!! Well done!!!

J. said...

@Anna + @Steven, I don't think Comey is a pushover or didn't know what he was doing. The fact that he immediately wrote down everything Trump said to him after he said it shows he's not stupid. My point is, what Comey said or didn't say doesn't make a difference -- if the difference Democrats were hoping his testimony would make would be proving Trump was obstructing justice or did something illegal (even though it's pretty clear Trump was obstructing justice, or trying to) and that would lead to his removal from office (either via impeachment or Article 25). Just not going to happen while Republicans (and Russia and wealthy special interests) are running the show.

@Steven, thanks for the compliment. Though my Republican friends (former friends?) would say it was a bunch of hooey (or much worse).