Sunday, April 10, 2016

The house finches are back!

For years now, we have had a pair of house finches (or Carpodacus mexicanus*) nesting atop our porch light. I am not sure if these are the same finches or the descendants of our original nesting pair. (All house finches look the same to me.) But just seeing them building their nest each April makes me happy -- and lets me know that spring is here (at least in theory; it's in the low 40s here today and was in the 20s a few days ago).

I have yet to see if there are any eggs in the nest. But I did manage to snap a few photos of Mr. and Mrs. Finch as they have been building their nest. (Though every time I open the front door to snap a photo with my zoom lens, they fly away. So I have to photograph them through the glass.)

Here is the male, who I have nicknamed Atticus (H/T John Barker).

And here are the two love birds together, atop the wires running to/from our house to the street.

And here is Mrs., or Mama, Finch, whom I have yet to name. (Any suggestions?)

I will try, in the next couple of weeks, to get a picture of the nest. Stay tuned!

*Two more illegal immigrants from Mexico! [H/T to my stepfather, who studied house finches for many years, for supplying me with the scientific name.]


jdspring said...

House finches are great. Our goldfinches have been shedding their brown winter plumage for bright yellow, a very welcome sight during these cold spring days!

jdspring said...

It's great to see the goldfinches reappearing too. They get along well with our house finches. Now if only we could get the squirrels to leave the feeder alone!

VB said...


She just looks Gertie-y?!