Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to pick the next President of the United States

It's time to change the way we vet and elect our President.

Forget debates and town halls. Forget appearances on late-night talk shows. And forget the electoral college. (Seriously, does anyone understand how the electoral college even works?)

If we want to truly get Americans involved in the electoral process and pick someone who will best represent we the people, we need to change the process. We need to have presidential candidates run for office in a way that Americans will understand and watch.

What we need is... a presidential reality TV show.

We can call the year-long reality TV show, The Amazing Presidential Race, with the election taking place during November sweeps. What could be more perfect for our talent-show-, Kardashian-, and Houswives-loving times?

But The Amazing Presidential Race would be more than just a political obstacle course. It should also include a test of knowledge, a la popular quiz shows, such as Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and Jeopardy!

So all candidates running for President would have to go on special week-long (or longer) presidential editions of both Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and Jeopardy! with Jeff Foxworthy and Alex Trebek, respectively, asking the candidates questions about U.S. History, European History, the Middle East, Economics, the Constitution, Math, and other topics that a fifth grader, or, really, a high school graduate, or someone applying for citizenship, or certainly someone running for President of the United States, should know, as well as more difficult questions. Wouldn't that be way more entertaining than what we have now?

Lastly, I propose a talent portion, a la American Idol, where each presidential candidate has to go before a panel of judges (think three Simon Cowells) and present his or her vision for America, which the judges will then critique and then we, the people, get to vote for, via Facebook, Twitter, some special app, phone, or text message. I guarantee candidates will get way more votes than they would have under the current system. And we would get a much better sense of what our candidates are made of.

So, who's with me?


Betty Cracker said...

I'm with you! Almost anything would be better than the current system, which seems designed to reward sociopaths and narcissists and puts all power in the hands of plutocrats. It's already a reality show; it's just a boring one now. More razzle-dazzle would definitely increase voter participation!

Fact Lovin' Liberal said...

Fine idea. But please make it a miniseries that lasts no more than 4 weeks. It is mind-boggling that we have another full year of this absurdity ahead of us.

Dave S. said...

Politics, by its very nature, attracts sociopaths and narcissists, so we're kind of stuck with those.

I would expand on the game-show format to include "Trillion-Dollar Pyramid" where candidates have to provide responses in a timed setting. Is Nipsey Russell still alive?

Also, I object to Simon Cowell being involved. U-S-A! U-S-A! We didn't fight two wars only to end up getting snarked at by some Brit en route to the White House (which, by the way, thanks UK for that too).

VB said...

A girl can dream.

J. said...

@Fact Lovin' Liberal, I hear you, but I think at minimum the competition should run for 8 weeks, as there is a lot of territory to cover. But maybe just air each episode once a week?

@Dave S., but we Americans do so love and respect a British accent. And on the topic of updating beloved old game shows, how about "D.C. Squares?" (I can just see Donald Trump in the middle square now.)

Dave S. said...

Yes to DC Squares, but thematically I think that confirmed bachelor Lindsey Graham belongs in the center square. Either him or a hologram Paul Lynde. Tom Bergeron hosts, obviously.

J. said...

@Dave S., Not sure about Lindsey Graham being the center square, but how about Bernie Sanders sitting in for "Charley Weaver" (Cliff Arquette)? And, besides Hillary, who would the other Squares be and what would be their specialties? (Jeb as George Gobel?)