Friday, June 12, 2015

Teaching an old dog new tricks

I may not be an old dog (though I'm no longer young, and I have been called a bitch on occasion), but I have definitely learned some new tricks in my Colored Pencils and Portraiture class this year. Indeed, looking at the work of all the women in class, several of whom are in their 70s, as is our teacher, you realize that you are never too old to learn, or to improve.

I still have a ways to go until I get to the point where I want to frame my work and hang it in our living room. (Being a bit of a perfectionist, I am rarely 100% happy with anything I do, though I have come to embrace the concept of "good enough.") BUT, that being said, I am sufficiently proud of my progress that I want to share my latest three drawings with you. (You can view my earlier works by clicking on the ART APPRECIATION label at the bottom of this post.)

I will now be taking a break from drawing, which has been emotionally draining. But I hope to take another art class in the fall. Maybe painting.

[Click on each photo to see a larger view.]

"Portrait of Lady Agnew"
(Colored pencil copy of a John Singer Sargent painting)

"Pop Art Portrait, Handsome African-American Man"
(Colored pencil rendering of a black and white photo)
"Charcoal Study of M.C. Escher"


Anonymous said...

Fabulous J! You are wonderfully creative in so many ways. Loved seeing the expression in your drawings. No wonder you are tired from your efforts. Bravo!

Another David S. said...

Very impressive, kuz. Hope you keep at it following your break.