Friday, May 1, 2015

And I wonder why I don't get flowers

Because no good deed goes unpunished. (Or unquestioned.)

The Spouse: [Walks into my office & presents me with a beautiful bouquet of roses and spring flowers.]

Me: Did someone send me flowers?

The Spouse: Me, I did.

Me: Aw, sweetheart, they're lovely! Thank you! [Gives the spouse a big hug and kiss. Then pauses.] Wait, what did you do?

The spouse: Nothing.

Me: [Eyes him suspiciously.] What are you not telling me?

The Spouse: [Now giggling nervously] Nothing! I love you and just wanted to surprise you with flowers.

Me: O-ka-ay... [Gives him another hug and kiss... and a side eye.] Thank you?!

The Spouse: You're welcome.

And I wonder why I don't get flowers more often (or at all).

(Actually, it's because our two cats eat them and knock over/smash the vases.)

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Dave S. said...

Thanks for the earworm
Streisand and Di'mond in head
Oh God make it stop