Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Worst Halloween Costumes finalists are...

Remember when Halloween was a holiday for kids, to dress up and show their (or their parents') creative side? When parents who accompanied their kids trick-or-treating would dress like warlocks and witches (with big noses and warts!), or Frankenstein and his bride, or Dracula and one of his victims -- and didn't look like hookers with their pimps out looking for tricks?

Of course, that was before Victoria's Secret and put the Ho in Halloween.

And things have only gone from bad to worse, as this year's crop of bad costumes illustrates.

Following are my top five picks for 2014's Worst (or Most Offensive) Halloween Costumes (all of which are currently available for purchase online).

5. The Sexy Jellyfish. Keep your distance, boys, lest she sting you! (Seriously, WTF were they thinking? There is NOTHING sexy about a jellyfish.)

4. The Spliff. Which I hear is very popular in Colorado and Washington.

3. The Sexy Unicorn. (That's one horny costume!)

2. The Ebola Nurse. (No wonder they caught the Ebola virus! That hazmat suit is more like a hazmat bikini!)

That Ebola Nurse costume is pretty bad. But the worst, or most offensive, Halloween costume may be the Ray Rice and Janay Palmer elevator costume.

Makes you want to take a slug... of whiskey.


Dave S. said...

Regarding the Sexy Jellyfish: "Your eyes, are, in fact, down there."

Anonymous said...

Whiskey please.

Nina Kaufman said...

Perhaps the only think more nauseating than the Ray Rice/Janay Palmer dual costume is the hashtag used to promote it: #hitabitch.

Nina Kaufman said...

Even more nauseating is my lack of proofreading skills after a long day: "thing" not "think." :-)

J. said...

@Nina, and that is just one of several charming versions I found online, including some "black face" versions. Maybe they should call it "All Idiots's Eve."

Dave S. said...

Gawker has the Sexy Hazmat costume featured, but we all saw it here first. MUST CREDIT J TWO O