Sunday, June 1, 2014

When cars were cars...

and were fun to look at and drive.

This weekend was the annual Greenwich Concours d'Elegance, with the Concours Americana (featuring American classic & collectible cars from 1900 to the 1990s) on Saturday and the Concours International, my personal fave (featuring imported classic, sports, and touring cars from 1900 to the present day), on Sunday.

As a lifelong classic car fancier, who could ogle beautiful cars for hours, and longs to own one (or three), though is way too practical and cheap to do so, I was in heaven strolling around the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance, snapping photos and chatting with fellow classic car fanciers and owners.

Here are some of my favorite classic cars (or at least the ones I got decent pictures of) from this year's Greenwich Concours d'Elegance.

First up, this lovely green 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible.

Next up, this handsome, black 1937 Lincoln Model K Convertible.

And while I am not a fan of Corvettes, I fell in love with this stunning baby blue 1954 Corvette Convertible. (One of the exhibitors, alas, not the owner of the 1954 baby blue Corvette Convertible, was kind enough to let me behind the yellow rope so I could take a look inside the car. She's a beauty.)

And what would a classic car show be without a silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5?

Sadly, it did not come equipped with Sean Connery. Sigh.

But I consoled myself (temporarily) with this lovely forest (or hunter) green 1956 Jaguar XK140 convertible.

And fell immediately in lust with this crimson 1954 Jaguar XK140 roadster. (The spouse and I agreed that this was probably our favorite car.)

We also found this cream-colored Mercedes-Benz 1939 170V roadster to be quite handsome.

And the spouse enjoyed chatting with the owner of this stunning 1966 baby blue Austin Healey 3000 MK III roadster, who bought the car from the original owner (whose wife forced him to sell the car when she had their first child) in 1969 and has lovingly cared for it since.

Last, but not least, as I am currently in the market for a new car, I figured I'd check out the new Maserati GranTurismo Sport.

Looks good on me, no?

[I asked the spouse what he thought the gas mileage was on the Maserati, as it wasn't posted on the sign, and he said, "If you have to ask, this probably isn't the car for you."]


Anonymous said...

Where was the Pacer?

J. said...

There were actually TWO AMC Pacers (though maybe not technically "Pacers") from 1969 at the show, along with several other 1960s "muscle" cars. So much for "Elegance."

Anonymous said...


Paula said...

Didn't go to the show but did drive up alongside the same stunning DB-5 in Sono. What a gorgeous car.