Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A brief guide to cat and dog petting

Have you ever wondered if there was a right way or, perhaps more importantly, a wrong way -- or place -- to pet a cat or dog? A way that would not result in the cat or dog hissing or growling, or swatting or biting the hand that pets it? Well, wonder no more, people!

Thanks to the handy "Petting Chart for Your Cat" and "Petting Chart for Your Dog," you will never have to worry about how -- or where -- to pet your (or another's) cat or dog ever again.

(Okay, maybe you should worry a little bit about cats. After all, felines are notoriously fickle.)

Thanks to the spouse, who learned the hard way how to pet a cat, for sending me these charts.


Furbo said...

We are apparently are a little slow on the draw as this has apparently been around for a while; however, what appears to be different in this variant is the expletive. It seems that the original just said "awesome."

Dave S. said...


When petting an unfamiliar dog, never try to pet the top of the head as that can be interpreted as a threat. Hold out your hand to the dog then pet under the chin, assuming the dog has not removed your hand from your arm.

Once familiarity/trust is established, then the chart definitely applies.