Monday, May 11, 2009

Henrik Stenson apparently has both the balls AND the wood to win a major


Apparently Henrik Stenson has both the balls and the wood to win a major, as he did, decisively, yesterday (Sunday). With a bogey-free round of six under 66, putting him four shots ahead of the pack, the fully-clothed Stenson won THE PLAYERS Championship, making him the first Swede to do so.

As you all may recall, from the March CA Championship (formerly known as The Doral Open), Stenson stripped down to his skivvies in order not to muddy his clothes after hitting his golf ball into a bog on the 12th -- and scored a three under 69 for the round. However, fully attired, his play suffered. Indeed, despite some masterful strokes at this year's Masters, Stenson quickly faded from the leaderboard.

But now I am happy to say, Mr. Stenson has nicely recovered -- and has an autographed pair of Tiger Woods's Nike compression shorts to boot.

For more about Stenson's win and a brief wrap-up of THE PLAYERS, click here.


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I always like a little eye candy first thing in the morning with my coffee. Thanks!!!!

TommyMac71 said...


I'm tired of the male athlete being objectified as a sex object. When will they be recognized for their talent????


J. said...

Tommy, there's a great Marilyn Monroe line from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which goes: "Don't you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You might not marry a girl just because she's pretty, but my goodness, doesn't it help?"

So while I wouldn't root for a male athlete just because he was pretty (Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez), it sure does help. : )

Anonymous said...

To TommyMac71: Henrik is the one who decided to strip -- and more male athletes are famous and get the big bucks than women athletes, so just can it.

EMM said...

Eye candy is also nice as an evening snack!