Friday, May 29, 2009

Archie proposes to Veronica! Betty (and fans) STUNNED!

Though is anyone really surprised that Archie Andrews, that red-headed slacker of the eponymous comic books, took 68 years to pop the question -- and popped it to heiress Veronica Lodge instead of good ole reliable gal pal Betty Cooper?

While it may be one of the few times in history that a man (fictional or real) chose a brunette over a blonde (though, according to the website Jezebel, brunettes have been making a comeback), are any of you really surprised that Archie picked Veronica over Betty? Really? Cause in the real world, given a choice, like, eight or nine times out of ten, the guy goes for the bitchy, seemingly unattainable girl instead of the cute, nice girl who would kill for a date with him, even if he is a total loser. And at least when I was reading Archie comics, Archie clearly preferred Veronica over Betty, even though Veronica treated Archie like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of her extremely expensive peep-toe shoes that she wanted to scrape off.

Anyway, the comic (#600!) arrives on newsstands, or wherever Archie comics are sold these days, later this summer, in August, and already there is a huge outcry. (To read what fans are saying and/or express your own opinion head on over to Archie & best friend/man Jughead's blog, which broke the news, and where the image is from. Also check out contributor Mike Celizic's piece on the impending proposal.)

No word from former (?) rival for Veronica's affections Reggie Mantle on the late-breaking news.


Mona A said...

the economy is BAD, so he decided to marry RICH, I don't blame him.

Dave S. said...

Speaking of rich, anyone know how Richie Rich has been affected by the economy?

Blonde hair is to dye for. Someone must have already said that, right?

J. said...

So true, Mona, so true.

And Dave, I heard his dad invested some money with Bernie Madoff but got out early. And no, hadn't heard that one before. : ) (Dave pats himself on back.)

Peter said...

I NEVER, EVER would have picked Veronica over Betty. EVER.

J. said...

Peter, clearly you are a man of great taste and judgment.