Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drooling on my keyboard

I've been suffering from seasonal allergies (at least I hope it's just seasonal allergies) and last night took two nighttime liquid caplets of God only knows what and can barely function this morning, and have to head over to school to check out the "Invention Convention," aka the fifth grade Science Fair.

But try as I might to concentrate (I KNEW I should have had all caf, not half-caf, this morning), and go brush my teeth and put my contact lenses in, I just can't (in part because Felix is passed out in my lap.)

And for some strange reason, I keep playing "Never You Done That" by General Public over and over again on my mental jukebox.


If anything newsworthy (other than American Idol gossip, celebrity boob jobs, or the Mets trading everyone except Johan Santana, David Wright, and Carlos Beltran) occurs, I'll post it later.


Dave S. said...

I am just now emerging from my annual battle with the maples and oaks. I tend to avoid medication although I did resort to Claritin a few times when the Kleenex factory couldn't keep up with my demand. The first Claritin was laughed at by the pollen hordes and in addition to sneezing and runny eyes I got drymouth.

I have taken those overnight things and they truly make you stupid, although some would say I had a head start.

Finally, you could consider the Nationals' bullpen a boob job. No wait, that would be "boobs with jobs."

J. said...

I tried Claritin. And you know what? THE COMMERCIALS LIE. And I bet Zyrtec is no better as it has the exact same active ingredient in the same dose.

I posted an allergy OTC med query on FB and was told Mucinex D was the way to go. I got a friend to try some and report back. If she says it works, I'll try it. Right now, stupid sounds like a step up. Am thankful I made it to school, town, and back in one piece.

Dave S. said...

"The" General Public? Dummy. (I was about to use a different word.) He'd probably screw up the name of the David Byrne-fronted band too.

Guys prefer English Beat, while girls prefer General Public. Discuss.

larissa said...

It's migraine week here
Allergic or not we need
A nice vacation

Powaqqatsi said...

If your not satisfied with the allergy control results of a systemic medication (e.g. Claritin); try an organ specific one to treat your main symptoms. Itchy/watery eyes? Patanol eye drops. Sneezing & nasal congestion? Flonase. It may work better for control of your allergy symptoms.

(Of course, it helps that I can pescribe whatever I want for myself :P)

Powaqqatsi said...

and forgive my butchering of the word proscribe .. I'm enjoying a few glasses of a delicious white wine.

verification word "wobil". prophetic I think.

Powaqqatsi said...

Damn, I meant prescribe.

I'm sinking faster than the Titanic...hic!

J. said...

You're cute when you're tipsy, Powa. : ) Just glad you're not a surgeon. : O

Thanks for the advice. Not 100% certain it's allergies. Eyes are fine. Just have a stuffy nose, sneeze A LOT, have a bit of a scratchy throat (no doubt from post-nasal drip), and been feeling a bit run down and achy, though no fever.

Benadryl didn't work, nor did Claritin. They only made me tired (the former) or slightly wired (the latter). Maybe time to try Flonase. Trade you a scrip for a really good bottle of single malt scotch... ; )

EMM said...

I take Allegra 180 (or the generic equivalent fexofenedine - sorry, spelling) and LOVE it!!! I'm allergic to everything from first bloom until first frost and it helps tremendously.

Benedryl always made me fuzzy. I can have a few glasses of wine w/ the Allegra and don't get loopy.

The Mucinex stuff is good as a decongestant/expectorant...not sure how it helps w/ allergies.

Good luck!!!