Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day, Smurf Day

As you go forth today, walking or biking or taking public transportation instead of that gas-guzzling SUV, using reusable containers instead of those petroleum-infused plastic bags, and making an online donation to help save the polar bears, think about this: Where were you when this cute little woodland creature was endangered and needed your help?

That's right, I am talking about The Smurfs, who vanished shortly after NBC canceled their television show in 1990 and they returned home to find their once idyllic Belgium wood had been clear cut and replaced with a strip mall.

Sure, sure, you loved them as a kid -- probably dressed as one for Halloween even. But did you ever think about their fate after you turned off the TV and stopped buying all that really cute Smurf paraphernalia that helped subsidize their eco-friendly lifestyle?

And I bet your children have no idea who Papa Smurf and Smurfette are, having never seen the Hanna-Barbera series or the Ice Capades' "Smurfs on Ice." Shameful.

But it's not too late to help the Smurfs, people. How can I do my bit, you ask? By going blue and making this Earth Day "Smurf Day."

So now let us join together and sing as one:

La la la-la la la,
Sing a happy song.
La la la-la la la,
Smurf your whole day long.

La la la-la la la

Smurf along with me!

La la la-la la la

Simple as can be.

Next time you're feeling blue just let a smile begin,
Happy things will come to you...

So smurf yourself a grin!

La la la-la la la,

Now you know the tune,

You'll be Smurfing soon!

Happy Smurf Day!


jjv said...

My kids watch Boomerang. I distrust modern cartoons. Thus, one of my son is constantly saying things like "No respect, I get no respect at all." (Jabberjaws). When he does not get what he wants "Curses, foiled again." (inumerable Hanna Barbara bad guys). And "Oh my Darl'n Clementine" by huckelberry hound. Thus they know the Smurphs who are not a favorite of either me or mine. All are better than the poorly drawn disturbing cartoons they have today.(excepting always "Kim Possible."

J. said...

Truth be told, I was not a big Smurfs fan, though I had friends who LOVED those little blue guys. So I'm fine honoring the Curly Howard of sharks (who is also in need our protection), Jabberjaw. Woo woo woo woo. But I draw the line at "Speed Buggy," even though I liked the show. Just not very environmentally friendly.

Dave S. said...

JJV, I'm surprised you let the kids watch anything except for Warner Bros. cartoons from WWII. (Which are tremendous, as JJV well knows.)

Noggin is the video drug of choice at the S. house. It includes "Franklin," a Canadian import that (shockingly) teaches lessons about getting along, being nice etc. I will leave it to JJV to learn who sings its theme song and to become outraged as a result.

J. said...

We loved Franklin, though mostly read the books. Save the turtle! (We were also partial to "Blue's Clues" -- and preferred Steve to Joe -- and still watch "Arthur." Anthropomorphic animals rule!)

EMM said...

I think I was too old for Smurfs. We all talked about how the girl smurf was probably slutty.

As for me, old school WB, Family Guy and of course South Park would be the favorites.