Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beware Catzilla!

Run for you lives you Japanese Iwako hamster erasers! No one is safe from... CATZILLA!

Those cute little hamsters didn't stand a chance against 15.5 pounds of feline attitude. Who and what will be next? Is there no stopping this furry fury?


Dave S. said...

This is where "Barbie's Dream High-Voltage Lines" would come in handy. (Requires 100 AA batteries.)

My favorite line from a Japanese monster movie: "Give me a ride, Godzilla's coming!" I always thought that would be a great hitchhiking sign.

TommyMac71 said...

Do you run and arts and crafts camp???

This one time at AAC camp.....

J. said...

That's my daughter's "Hamster Hovel," Tommy, which is more like a mansion. She created it, room by room, to accommodate her growing family of Iwako hamster erasers. It's quite a spread -- and she did it all herself or with the occasional help of her friends (ZERO parental involvement). The only problem is our cat, Flora -- or, as we now refer to her, Flo Rida -- loves it, too.

And Dave, that would be AWESOME. Maybe you could also build the hamsters a train layout. ; )

EMM said...

OMG! I had a whole community of eraser and marble critters who I'd put in/on the trains and race (my dad is a very paient man). Super cute!

J - you and mini-J are so prepared for Peep-o-rama 2010.

Word Verification: Raphyd. Trains that go raphyd are cool!