Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweaters for turtles. (Who knew?)

I have never been a big fan of turtles. They're not very attractive. They're not very cuddly. And they don't do much. Unlike cats. (And, okay, dogs.)

But this website may have changed my mind about turtles (and tortoises). Presenting Mossy Tortoise... the maker of sweaters (or cozies) for turtles!

Talk about tapping a market you didn't even know existed!

Here are some of my favorite tortoise cozies.

The birthday candle...

You don't look a day over 100!

The Stegasaurus cozy...


The Easter bunny tortoise cozy....

(Hmm... he doesn't look very hoppy, does he?)

And last, but not least, the roasted turtle, I mean turkey, cozy.

Though you may not want your turtle (or tortoise) to be sporting this end of November, if you catch my drift.

And lest you are thinking, "Okay, J., I'll give you that those turtle sweaters are kind of cute, but who would actually buy one of them?"

Apparently 1,365 turtle (or tortoise) lovers. That's who. (Not bad for only being open 14 months.)

I am so in the wrong business.

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