Monday, July 19, 2010

A pirate, a cow car, and a zedonk

Is there something about Block Island that brings out the quirky -- and the inner pirate -- in people? Because in 48 hours on Block Island, I saw more quirky stuff -- and pirate paraphernalia -- to last me at least 48 days, if not longer.

First up, who gets a life-sized pirate lawn ornament?! Were they all out of gnomes? Though apparently back in the day Block Island was frequented by pirates (as opposed to gnomes). All I can say is "Aaargh."*

And speaking of pirates, while window shopping in Old Harbor, I came across this "Pirate Personals" t-shirt, which I asked the spouse to model.

[Click on the picture to get a larger view, me hardies.]

And then there was the Cow Car, which seemed to be everywhere. Who customizes their white Range Rover to look like a long-horned cow?! (Apparently I missed that episode of Pimp My Ride.) Though I have to admit the bumper stickers were very funny. (Hmm... I wonder if it mooed when you honked the horn.)

And speaking of strange animals, anyone else never hear of a zedonk? I know I had never heard of a zedonk before visiting Block Island. Anyway, as the name implies, it is (supposedly) a cross between a zebra and a donkey, which, looking at the picture, I think you can see. Again, though, who comes up with this stuff? What is this, the Island of Dr. Moreau? (Technically, it was/is the Manisses Animal Farm, though I think that's just a cover.)

*Want to have a little pirate fun on Facebook? Next time you are there, click on your name and scroll down to the end of the page and look on the left, where the language is highlighted, just after "Facebook (c) 2010." Click on the language (in my case "English (US)"). Then choose "English (Pirate)."

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